Wedding Day Checklist for Best Wedding Planner

Being a wedding planner for your own wedding can be very, very tiring. After months of planning, calling people, tracking reservations on the spot for receptions and wedding venues, arranging parties and taking care of your wedding party’s clothing needs, it’s almost finally time to complete the grand finale, which is your wedding day

This is a day where everything you do ends with a tremendous explosion of color, life and happiness. But what did you do?

Do a last minute check with your wedding service.

You have filled everyone into the final details of the marriage. But to rule out your trembles and worries (come on, we know you have them), make a final call to a caterer, baker, videographer, florist, wedding venue, group or party. host, reception area, etc. There is no need in that order. You can also contact your wedding troupe just to make sure they are okay. Doing so will rule out your fears; Then you can focus on the last day of your celibacy.

Decorate the place of the ceremony and reception.

Most brides feel unstable, especially if the venue will be decorated the day before the wedding. If you feel very comfortable as soon as you see the site, you can go there and check everything – even though we believe someone is decorating for you. The only problem with this is that you will be too tired when you are resting and pampered so you can look fresh and beautiful in your wedding dress. This brings us to the next.

Deposit wedding gifts, guest books, and seat packages at reception.

If you haven’t done it, now is a good time to do it. It’s not good for you to get out of a wedding car armed with this, not your bouquet.


Very good advice from a friend who has just married, because this can be done one or two days before the wedding. This is to relax and soothe tired muscles just in time for the big day. It also relaxes your mind while entertaining the happiness and calm that permeates every cell in your body.

Have a manicure and pedicure.

Do you want to go to your wedding looking like the Godzilla queen? Of course not. So whip those nails and nails into a salon you can rely on. If you confuse with wedding nail designs you can visit

Repeat the ceremony.

This is very important for most brides. Some choose to do it during their wedding week, especially if they have family members and other people around the state or other countries. But other traditional families prefer to do it the day before. This is intended so that people will not forget their place and will not be disturbed (literally and physically) on the day of the ceremony. This is also an opportunity for the celebrant to get to know other members of the group. (To tell him who gave the signal when the wearer disappeared.)

Go to the training dinner.

For any exercise, take a break and relax in the form of a dinner. It doesn’t have to be generous, especially if you only have limited finances. Family and friends with a modern vision even offer to pay. Cousins ​​practice lunch at no extra cost – the people around him want to pay for it as a gift for the bride and groom. (If only family and friends could be so generous)

Good night.

Most important, you must rest. There is no worry, no pressure, no thought. Be calm, and everything will be perfect and perfect, as you always imagine. With your future husband, family, and friends by your side, nothing else can prevent true happiness.

Summer Gown Can Be Great Alternatives to a Wedding Gown

This is the most important and pleasant day of your life: wedding day. This is a day when all the girls in the world have dreamed of for years. As soon as the fog of happiness disappears for a moment, the seriousness of all of that suddenly comes. Marriage requires careful planning, organization and management. For brides, this can be very painful and every little help is taken into account. The bride will be the center of this unforgettable day. All eyes were on him and his clothes. The wedding dress will be the center of the whole look. Choosing the perfect dress because it is an important part of the wedding process.

There are several conditions to consider when choosing a dress: budget, theme and location of the wedding, body type and personality of the wearer. As the show’s star must wear a wedding dress, most of her budget is allocated for her, but it doesn’t need to spend a lot of money. You have several options, from new to vintage, through renting or buying, sewing, or designing, storing, or buying online. With everything so easily accessible, the choices are almost unlimited. One of the least explored, however, is wearing a summer dress for a wedding. Read also summer dresses for mother of the groom outdoor wedding

Summer dresses were originally meant to be worn during the summer months in hot weather. Summer dresses are usually made of lightweight, loose fabric. Wearing a summer dress as a wedding dress is perfect for destination weddings and outdoor facilities such as beach or garden weddings. Besides making the bride feel comfortable, summer dresses are a unique way to express fashion style without being too expensive.

With so many choices, choosing the right dress may seem like a daunting task, but as long as this guide is remembered, finding the perfect wedding dress in the summer will be as fun as wearing it.

COLOR: The color of the dress can make or break any appearance. If the wedding looks more traditional, summer dresses can be worn in colors like white, ivory or beige. For more personality, other colors can also be chosen. Bright pink, yellow or blue shades are suitable for weddings. If the bride is not traditional and has a bold personality, bright colors in bright red, orange or yellow can be used especially in informal marriages. The bride’s personality comes into play when choosing colors. This sets the tone for all other wedding details such as decorations and flowers.

CUTTING AND / OR DRESS STYLE: Summer dresses come in many styles. It must be chosen according to its silhouette (pear-shaped, small, apple-shaped, high-weight, low-heavy, thin and thin, voluptuous etc.) and personal fashion sense. Online silhouettes flatter most body types. Show off your skin for a sexier look. Show the shoulder in a sleeveless, one-front style. Short hems are preferred by smaller women, while long dresses are best for taller women. The liquid skirt that stays in the right place can do wonders for imperfect silhouettes. The imperial waist creates a long illusion and gives the user the impression of having longer legs. The neckline attracts the eye when the bride is most comfortable showing off this area. The simplicity or complexity of the dress will depend on the look that the bride wants to achieve. Summer dresses are not limited to one style, so you can choose the form that best suits you.

ACCESSORIES: Accessories are the key to turning an ordinary beach day look into a wedding dress for a special day. If the sundress is simple, the sparkle with metallic details. For a more formal look, jewelry can be worn to make it elegant. For a complete beach view, pearl and tribal details can be used to reinforce the theme. Insert flowers into your hair for a subtle feminine touch or wear on socks to wear around your neck, such as bracelets or anklets. For simple white colors, wearing a fabric belt in the pattern chosen for contrast is a good way to enhance the color scheme. A shawl or lace pillow can be used to hide the evening gown and keep it suitable for the wedding. Using pearls and crystals also adds a touch of glamor. A wedding veil is not a necessity for a modern wedding, but if the bride chooses to wear it, a simple and short style is best suited for a summer dress.