The Price Of Horse Rental In Mount Bromo

The price of horse rental in Mount Bromo. The enchantment of Mount Bromo has no need to be doubted by the question of necessity must visit there?. The question that often arises from tourists precisely when it is in the area of Bromo, what is the price of horse rental for tours in Bromo?. Horseback riding Bromo is no longer just because not strong road to the crater Bromo, but it is a part of photo properties and complement attractions during the tour in Bromo, besides enjoying the Panorama and majesty of the famous Bromo crater.

The rental of Bromo horse, for tourists nowadays is part of the complement of the tourist attractions of Bromo volcano. Style as a cowboy with his horse with a backdrop of Bromo sand ocean volcanic dust or just a part of the photo property. Horse Bromo is still better than the Japanese-made Iron horse kalo for the affair photo selfie.

How Much Rental Horse at Mt Bromo?

Community Tengger and Horse Bromo
Tengger and Kuda Bromo, along with its horse residents Tengger, indigenous people of the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park have been waiting for several corners of Jeep Bromo parking at Pananjakan Hill, offering the first round-the-stairs to Sunrise Point in Seruni and several surrounding locations. Sometimes it is good for tourists who object to take the steep uphill road.

Tengger Bromo community, generally income as a vegetable farmer. Rent horses for tourists in Bromo as a sideline and an alternative income, fill the void of activity in the period of plantation care and wait for the harvest.

As a farmer’s community producing vegetables in the terraces gardens of their iring, it originally rents out horses as additional activity and alternative earnings during the period of treatment and awaiting the harvest of its vegetables. With the rise of tourism potential in Mount Bromo, nowadays there are not few who change the profession as the main income in the field of tourism, one of which is renting the horse of Bromo.

The price of horse rental in Mount Bromo

Children and Horse Rental Bromo

Cost of Bromo horse rental, ranging from Rp. 125K to Rp. 150K PP
The rental price of Bromo horse, has been set the price of rental range of Bromo Horse by the Group of Rental Horse tour of Bromo Mountain. With the shortest path to the steps of Bromo crater is Rp. 50,000,-transfer and shuttle or round trip. It’s cheaper if one way only. But what if the mileage outside the minimum area that has been set?. The tenants of Kuda Bromo are definitely ready to serve any distance away from the rental of Bromo horse, if according to the price they offer of course. As a reference, the price of the Bromo horse rental from the Jeep Bromo parking area to sampe the bottom of the stairs ranges from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 150,000 round trip.

Alternative rental of horse Bromo is the most inexpensive, from Jeep Bromo parking location, walking route flat to the foot of the crater of Mount Bromo, start uphill can be extended by renting horse for Bromo tour with rental price range of Rp. 50,000,-round trip

Rental of Bromo horse following its fixed price determined by the current tourist conditions, the set price could possibly change based on the number of requests by winning the visitor. Generally this happens during national holidays or High Season (Lebaran and New Year). The Power of Bargain is fixed as its main key.