Easy Ways to Restore Deleted Photos on a Cellphone

In this day and age, cellphone does not only function as a communication tool but can also be a medium of entertainment. Various activities can be done with cellphones such as recording sound, making videos, playing games and capturing moments.

However, the moment could have been erased from the mobile phone either intentionally or not. Now the lost file can be restored. Only indeed to restore photos that have been deleted is not as easy as restoring files that are done via a PC.

To restore photos via mobile phones we need a third party to be able to restore photos that have been deleted.

Then how? Of course, we need application help.

As we summarized from wikihow, here are the applications we need and how to restore deleted photos;

1. DigDeep

  • Download the application first in the Play Store, after downloading it starts immediately.
  • After running, this application takes a while but not more than 10 minutes, after the scan is complete, the application will display the folder that contains the collection of applications. You only need to find photos that have been deleted, then open them.
  • After finding the photo you want to return, mark the photo and then tap Restore.
  • Once done, there will be a popup display then click Check to see the results of the restore.
  • To view photos that have been restored, open the Gallery application then find the Restore Pictures folder.

This DigDeep application turns out that not all photos that have been deleted can be restored by you.

2. Restore Image

  • Install and download applications on the Google Play Store.
  • Open the application then select the Search the image you want to restore option (find the photo you want to restore).
  • Select a folder, select the photo as you wish and then select the Restore image option in the lower left.
  • After that, photos can automatically return. To view photos that have returned please open the Internal Storage Options – select the Restore Image folder – Open the photo.
  • In this application also not all photos that have been deleted can be restored again. So for those of you who want to delete a photo, make sure the photo really isn’t needed anymore.

Well, that’s a tutorial that can help you to restore photos that have been deleted either intentionally or unintentionally. Never forget you to backup photos on Android so you do not regret it if deleted and can not be restored again.