Students don’t have to spend all of their time studying. You can fill out this lecture period to be more useful. For example by taking a side job.

There are many parties who really prefer to employ students. The reasons vary. First, students are still considered to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Second, more students can be paid less than those who hold a degree.

Well, if you are still a student and are interested in looking for extra income, let’s just see what splendid side jobs are for you? This is it :

1. Occasion Organizer Committee
Every year, especially in big cities, there are many events held, especially related to concerts, exhibitions, and sports. Well, you can register yourself as a committee of these events.

You only need to work very hard when the event will take place. In addition, usually you will not only get an honorarium as a committee, but also a lunch / dinner ration in the form of rice boxes.

Not only can you provide additional income, organizing an event like this again will provide you with valuable experience and a wider network of friends.

2. Barista Cafe
Do you know? The trend of unique and edgy cafes is only growing year after year. As in 2019, the trend of coffee with palm sugar and other liquid decorations is on the rise.

These cafes again prefer to employ students, because they are considered to better understand the latest trends and be more eager to work.

If you are afraid that the work schedule will conflict with the class schedule, talk to the cafe beforehand. Cafes will usually put you on shifts that don’t collide with your college schedule.

3. Tutor
As a student, you can not only gain knowledge, but again provide knowledge to others. One way is to do side jobs to become tutors for school children.

You can teach a variety of knowledge obtained in college, or other subjects that you master. That way, the knowledge you have is not in vain.

You can teach privately or teach a group of people together. In general, honors as tutors again can be quite decent to support the lives of college children.

4. Content Writer
Along with the development of technology, the job as a content writer is again used as a side job. This profession can even be done anywhere, including at home.

To be a good web content writer, you must understand website positioning techniques, PUEBI (General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling), English grammar, and more diligently broadening your horizons. Because the content writer must be able to write on various topics.

In addition, this side job as a content writer demands punctuality. If you are not timely in sending the content, then the client will no longer trust you.

5. Graphic Designer / Illustrator
If you have good drawing skills, then you can again choose a second job as a graphic designer or freelance illustrator. Like content writers, work as graphic design or freelance illustrators can be done anywhere.

Make sure you have a laptop computer that can support your performance. The more your portfolio in this field, the more trusted you are and the more clients will be attracted to you. Remember, punctuality is very much needed in this side job.

Those are some side jobs that can be done by students. But remember, even if you feel happy and can actualize yourself through these jobs, never forget your main obligations as a student. Do not let side jobs make you late for graduation, yes.