Rick and Morty Season 4 Biggest Mystery

When Rick and Morty yields for Season four in Nov 2019, it will must reckon with a sizable lingering question by the suggestion of Season 3: is that the correspondence Smith we have a tendency to saw at”The Rickchurian Morty date the $64000 letter, or only a replacement clone?

Rick was questionable enough to perform to kill correspondence, inflicting the whole family to show on him. Now, heading to Season four together with Rick ostracized from the rest of the household, this lingering question regarding Beth’s legitimacy may be the foremost vital plotline — or some other mystery Rick and Morty chooses to ignore entirely. The penultimate episode of Rick and Morty Season 4,”The ABC’s of correspondence,” presents Beth’s compromising option to abandon her family via clone replacement because the climax of what could be Rick and Morty’s strangest narrative.

Imagine if the 64000 letter returns, able to recover her life, and she or he must kill her very own clone? Whose aspect would the family be around? What if we have a tendency to tense with 2 Beths living together?

When letter was a toddler, she’d raise Rick for a variety of insane, heavy gadgets. “You’re a alarming fucking child, man,” Rick says for her within the series’s gift.

If this wasn’t perturbing sufficient, it gets a whole lot of worse after we know that as a toddler, then letter left handed her childhood friend Tommy Lipkip to perish in Froopyland. Except he dwelt by copulating with the native life and ingestion his own brainsick offspring, eventually changing into loved as a god-king. Once letter tries to bring Tommy house to discharge his dad, who is on cellblock to get Tommy’s murder on the planet, Tommy refuses. Instead, she chops off a finger thus Rick will produce a replacement clone out of the DNA.

The entire experience clearly has a bearing on letter, who’s forced to reckon with a childhood she clearly blocked out along side the type of person she has become as partner mature.