These 4 Bluetooth Functions Rarely Known

These 4 Bluetooth Functions Rarely Known, Not Just Sending Files

Bluetooth has become an impressive wireless technology to enable all sorts of cool functionalities in various gadgets. Bluetooth is often known as a device for exchanging files wirelessly. The use of safe Bluetooth is popular for decades.

In the past, the use of Bluetooth was rather limited in the early stages of its emergence, Bluetooth has developed into a medium capable of creating many different data communications.

Especially now because the latest revision of the Bluetooth specification includes some great energy efficiency, there are many ways to connect other devices to Android phones via Bluetooth.

Your laptop, smartphone and tablet may all have integrated Bluetooth support. To make two Bluetooth devices connected to each other, you must “pair” them. If in the past Bluetooth was only used for sending files, this has wider use for Bluetooth. With Bluetooth you can access mobile and PC support devices wirelessly.

Here are 4 bluetooth functions that are rarely known.

Internet Tethering
Tethering is generally used to access the Internet on laptops via smartphones that support data. People usually use Wi-Fi to share their smartphone connections, but they don’t have to do it.

You can also Tethering via Bluetooth. Bluetooth tethering will consume less battery power than Wi-Fi, so this might be the ideal choice in some situations.

Android phones running the latest version of Android are able to do Internet tethering via Bluetooth.

There are actually no additional steps – just turn on Bluetooth, connect to the device you want, and select the Bluetooth tethering option to activate it. You can find it in the Tethering & portable hotspot menu, next to the USB tethering and Hotspot options.

Connect the Device Wirelessly
Bluetooth is most commonly used to connect wireless devices to smartphones, tablets or laptops. To do this, you need a device that supports Bluetooth. Here are some devices that can be connected with Bluetooth:


Bluetooth headsets are the most iconic Bluetooth peripherals. Pair a Bluetooth headset with your cellphone and you can use it to receive calls wirelessly. Because the Bluetooth specification allows more than just receiving audio, buttons on the headset can also be used to answer and close calls.

Other Audio Devices

Headsets are not the only audio devices that can be connected with Bluetooth. You can attach Bluetooth headphones to a computer, speakers, or even a Bluetooth audio receiver that is connected to a home stereo system and allow it to receive audio playback via Bluetooth.

Mouse Mouse is another type of Bluetooth accessory. The Bluetooth mouse works on most modern laptops as well as tablets and even smartphones. Many wireless mice for laptops use a USB dongle instead of Bluetooth.


The keyboard can also be connected via Bluetooth, which is very useful for tablets. Even if you can use a USB OTG cable to connect a mouse or keyboard to a tablet, you can use Bluetooth to connect both the keyboard and mouse at the same time.


Gamepad is another type of Bluetooth input device. You can connect the wireless controller to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. Even the Nintendo Wiimote and Sony PlayStation 3 controllers communicate with their console via Bluetooth, so you can use a few tricks to pair it with a computer or other device.

A printer

There is also a Bluetooth-enabled printer, which allows you to connect and print documents via a Bluetooth connection instead of a standard Wi-Fi or wired network connection.

Play Multiplayer Games

Not just connecting the device, Bluetooth connection can also be used for entertainment. You can use Bluetooth to play multiplayer games. No need internet connection, you can play games with your friends.

Google Play Store and App Play Store offer a variety of Bluetooth-based games. Some Multiplayer Game options include Dual, Warlings, Dual Multiplayer Shooter, and many more.

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Must I Use Search engine optimization Tools?

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