How to Grow Self-Confidence in Introverted Children

How to Grow Self-Confidence in Introverted Children

In contrast to extroverts, introverts prefer to spend time alone and avoid public attention. Several studies also revealed that introverts want to avoid the position of leader because that role is considered to cause feelings of stress and worry. Of course, as parents, we still want the baby to be more confident when appearing in public. Therefore, let’s explore these tips!

Prepare Him to Face a New Situation

When we know that he will face a new condition that can make him stressed or anxious, prepare him well. Encourage him to write down what makes him feel anxious about the condition. Then invite him to exchange ideas about what he was trying to do when facing the situation. This simple method will really help introverted children to look more confident when in public.

Do it slowly

However, each child blaze with a different character. You certainly cannot force an introverted child to quickly adapt to the new conditions around him. So the best technique you can do is to do it slowly. For example, you want to invite him to a party that will be attended by not a few people he does not know. To make him feel comfortable with these conditions, invite children to arrive early. That way, he has more time to adjust to the new location and conditions.

Offering the Support He Needs

To be able to appear confident in public, children need full support from parents. Therefore, tell him that you are not infrequently there for him. Also tell him that your support will come to him whenever needed.

So when a child comes for you to ask for help, explore encouraging him to state how he feels. Then find a solution that you can work on to help him feel better. Typically, this technique is quite effective in creating an introverted child feeling more confident to deal with his anxiety.

Teach Him to Solve His Own Problems

As parents, we are certainly most tempted to solve the problems being faced by the baby. Like for example, when watching him not dare to open a chat with his new colleague, we immediately took the initiative to do it for him. Although it seems good, this technique will not create an introverted child to rise from his comfort zone.

In addition, we are not infrequently able to be on his side. Therefore, children need to learn to solve their own problems. On the other hand, the situation will also help the child to gain more or less confidence.

Role Playing As Preparation

To create introverted children who appear more confident in public, explore their role play. Games are the easiest technique to teach children something. This method can stimulate it to emerge from its comfort zone, to the point that it wants to be more open when meeting new people.

When doing this, ask for input from him about conditions that very often make him worried. From there, you can compile a scenario that contains talks and social interactions related to the condition. Thus, the child can learn whatever he is trying to do while in that condition.

Even though introverted children seem shy and avoid public attention, the right approach can make them individuals who are confident and lead-in-spirit. Hopefully these tips are useful, yes!