‘Fortnite’ DirectX 12 update boosts performance on high

Fortnite is going to make much better use of your gaming rig that is fast. Epic is rolling out an upgrade to the Windows version of its own battle royale shooter which provides support for DirectX 12. In case you’ve got a high-end images chipset, you need to watch”greater and steadier” frame speeds thanks to both improved CPU peformance and greater supply of 3D rendering tasks across multiple cores. Thus, AMD has posted new drivers which enable DirectX 12 aid in Fortnite V Bucks Generator.

To a point, this is all about laying groundwork for bigger and greater. Epic plans to include DX12-specific characteristics in the very long term, and this gives it an chance to”shake out any bugs” by viewing how the technology functions in the sport as it is now. You are working as a tester, then, but that evaluation may pay off should Fortnite makes use of your own hardware.