Tips to Get Best Wedding Dress According Your Budget

Marriage is very expensive and costs can go down quickly. Most brides want to look beautiful. No wonder wedding dresses are the only area that seems to exceed the budget in almost every wedding arrangement.

But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good and produce a look that admires from all sides. Wedding dresses are a matter of personal choice and it’s common for imagination that is far greater than pure silver!

casual wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses – Smart (and Cheap) Ideas

Most weddings have an underlying theme and wedding dresses must be included in that theme. For example, if you have a medieval theme, you can choose a darker corset or even an impressive wig to accentuate a very simple dress.

As a rule, mother of the groom dresses summer outdoor wedding don’t have to be very complicated. A well thought out accessory can be far more effective than a very large and excessive dress. Simple dresses are usually much cheaper, and with a little thought, a simple classic style can actually look more sophisticated. Many brides often change dresses before the evening celebration, because these formal style dresses tend to be heavy and heavy.

Doesn’t that seem like a waste of money? Why not have a two-piece wedding gown that allows you to change your skirt to a shorter and lighter version while keeping the bodice in whatever shape and theme you have developed?

Wedding Dresses – Key Accessories

Depending on your body shape and the type of wedding you make, different wedding dresses will suit different accessories. For example, if you are thinking about a traditional tight corset, tapering at the waist and moving freely at the feet, you can focus on the middle accessory with a thin belt. Because every bride wants to be beautiful, accessories must be used to accentuate her items. By wearing important accessories, wedding dresses can remain very simple, which means they are not only cheaper but can be worn later in the future.

A bride with a bigger waist but impressive breasts can consider a wedding gown that only brushes the midsection and attaches to the breasts and hips. In this case, keep in mind your neckline with a large necklace or even a scarf. Take time to buy this finish; Sometimes nothing is better than pure fresh flowers, so don’t assume that it’s better to buy expensive. Think simple and think classically. Simple wedding dresses can be as effective as the most sensational designer wedding dresses if there is a personal touch. Most importantly, your dress is guaranteed to be unique!

The Techniques in Making Batik Fabric

Since batik becomes the world heritage, many batik producers start to sell batik around Indonesia. Costumer can choose fit price in its budget to buy batik fabric. Sometimes, we should know the way to make batik. So, let’s read the process of making batik, it will add your knowledge.

Three Ways to Make Batik Fabric

Nowadays, there is more than one way to create batik motive. We will discuss the way to make it. For those who don’t know the process, it is a good chance for you to know it. it will increase your sense of love to batik. So, let’s see three ways to give motives on batik fabric.

1.      Handmade batik

A usual way to make batik in a handmade way uses a pen, in Indonesia called canting. It has been centuries to make a batik fabric. Before you give the color on batik, draw the motive by pencil first then you can color by melted wax. It needs a long time to make it, but the traditional way has comparable price and quality.

2.      Stamp Batik

Stamp batik has used since in early 19th century which is a result of Indian and Chinese influence. To make stamp batik, just stamp to the fabric and stamping process can do in many times to get a fit result. After that, coloring process to give color on the white fabric. The last, wax removal process which means the cleansing. The main characteristic of Bali batik fabric is the same pattern.

3.      Printing Batik

The last is printing batik, printing batik which processes by the computer to make the pattern. Then, it prints on colored fabric. It uses for big scales such as school or office uniform. Besides that, the batik pattern is more detail than handmade or stamp. But, many people say printing batik does not include batik.

There are three ways to create batik; handmade, stamp, and printing. By reading this article you will know the types of batik itself and become a reference before you buy. We hope, it will add your knowledge and sense of love in batik which is a heritage.